Kyoeun Lee _Program Director
Illustration _Art Center College of Design
KBS broadcasting
Steiner Books
Four consecutive years of OC Teachers award Recipient

Jae Shin _Program Director
Transportation Design _Art Center College of Design
Oakley INC.
Hyundai/Kia Design Center
Design Center California_Audi Volkswagen
Art Center College of Design Instructor

Yeonjae Yang _Portfolio Illustration
Illustration _Rhode Island School of Design
Illustrator/Fine Artist/Figure drawing instructor

Taemin Eum _Portfolio Illustration
Painting _Rhode Island School of Design
Studio Painter/Fine Artist

Helen Joo _Junior Illustration
Illustrator/Graphic Design _CSU Long Beach of Design
Kore Tech
Moden Inc.

Ran Noh _Fashion Design
Fashion Designer _Women’s wear_Academy of Art University
Band of Outsiders

Rosa Lee _Graphic Design
Graphic Design _Art Center College of Design
J.Walter Thompson_Michigan

Connie Kwon _Graphic Design
Graphic Design _Art Center College of Design
The Walt Disney Studios                                               R/GA
Hello Design

Britney Lee _Film
Film Production _Chapman University






Sean Yoo _Entertainment, Automotive design 
Transportation/Entertainment Design _Art Center College of Design
Volkswagen Design Center
MGM_Robocop 2014 suit design, Ender's Game
Warner Brothers
Calty Toyota Design and Research 

PJ Raines _Entertainment, Game design                        Entertainment/Environment Design _Art Center College of Design                                                                      Jam City_Game Designer                                       Warner Bros. Animation
Disney Animation Studios                                        Duncan Studio                                                  Redemption Games                                                  Cobain
Obsidian Entertainment
South Park
Duncan Studio, Prana Studios
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return (2014) Kendu Films
Noah’s Ark Theme Park (Hong Kong)
Titmouse Animation Studio
Moonbeam City (2015)
Norm of the North (2016)
BlueSpark Studios
Monster Friends pitch (Midway Games) Studio GPU
The Secret of Skull Island (2009)
The Princess Twins of Legendale (2013) Walt Disney Animation Studios

Jayden Lee _Automotive Design, Product Design
Transportation design _Art Center College of Design

Joon Lee _Automotive Design, Product Design
Transportation design_Art Center College of Design
Oakley.inc_eyewear designer

Wantaek Yoo _Digital Painting, Entertainment Design
illustration entertainment_Art Center College of Design
_Starburns Industries





ICON has given me the opportunity to grow and mature as a designer. I am thankful that ICON has dedicated their time and effort to allow me to succeed. -Daniel Baik, Beckman High School

Not only that I was supported to go to the Art Center College of Design, I was taught and trained to be a designer. -Danny Kim, Irvine High School

The time I have spent at Icon is also the time i was at the peak of my artistic skills. The teachers have all studied at prestigious art institutes and have the ability to share their knowledge with their students. The teachers have all studied at prestigious art institutes and have the ability to share their knowledge with their students. Icon has a great working atmosphere/environment which allows a student to focus and learn well. I love going to the studio and connecting with the teachers who not only understand me but also who encourage me to never give up. -Tiffany Nam, Corona del mar High School

I went to ICON since i was in 7th grade and learned from fundamental art skillsto advanced portfolio. Unlike any other private institution, Icon continues to care about my future even after I got into art center college of design. They continue to always guide me in towards becoming a professional illustrator. Icon is simply the best for me! -Sarah Lee, Beckman High School

ICON has the best staff in terms of encouraging the students to use their own creativity in their work. They help me to realize my potential as an artist heading towards college. I am so lucky to be learning art from teachers in Icon. -Christine Song, Woodbridge High School

I started art during seventh grade from the basics of art to the principles of design, taught by my teacher, Jay Shin I am confident that i can preserve through any challenge with my knowledge in art that I obtained at ICON. I am so glad that i had an opportunity to foster my abilities as a car designer.  -Jim Lee, Northwood High School

I have attending classes at ICON since the fourth grade. Because of the vast knowledge and experiences of all of the faculty, I was able to develop into the artist I am today. As I prepare my college portfolio, I am confident that with the guidance of my teachers, I will be accepted into the college of my dreams. -Angela Choi, Sage Hill School

As I was beginning to think about my future, ICON was always there to support my decisions and guide me to make responsible choices. My dream of becoming an artist was put into reality during my time at ICON. My dream of becoming an artist was put into reality during my time at ICON. Enrolling in ICON and meeting my teacher, Kyoeun Lee, were the best experiences in my life. -Jaewon Hur, Woodbridge High School

I was an ICON student since my junior year. I started art later than any other students. First reason I started art was to show college that I did an extracurricular work as an art. However, after I learned in ICON, I see myself enjoying drawing art and design. Now I decide to pursue art as my career and ICON became the pathfinder to me. -Kyunho Kim, Northwood High School

Even through my hectic school schedule, ICON teachers supported and encouraged me as mentors and friends. Attending ICON has been a blessing and I will continue to use my skills that were honed at ICON in college and the future. -Esther Kang, University High School

I didn’t know anything about art before going to ICON. But after lessons with teachers, I was able understand art and its materials better. It was a privilege for me to attend Icon, with many great teachers who teach with their all heart for us. With variety of different lessons, I was able to learn not just to draw but many more. With great teachers and good friends, it was the best environment for anyone who desires to learn something new. As for me, icon is not just an academic class but also another family. ICON is like a family. -Jamie Soh, Northwood High School

Icon is the place where I could not only build up my portfolios for college admissions but also learn so much about art fields. For past two years, the instructors showed me various types of art and explained about career options in details which eventually fascinated me to major in art. I thank so much to especially Kyoeun Lee teacher who helped me to finish my portfolios greatly and who always motivated me to improve. -Chaeyeon Im, Northwood High School

My dream of becoming an artist was put into reality during my time at ICON. Because of the vast knowledge and experiences of all of the faculty, I was able to prepare a great portfolio. At ICON, I had the best experiences in my life. -Hyojung Kim, Northwood High School

I attended Icon Art & Design studio’s Friday programs from the summer of 2005 until summer of 2010. Although I started the program out of mere curiosity in the world of art, the experience I had from the studio was paramount. For a bland, repressed humanities student like me, every hour I spent during the five years of time at Icon was like a blissful escape into a world of expression and creativity. The one-to-one guidance Director Lee provided not only improved my skills in diverse areas and genres of studio art but also in fully expressing myself. Director Lee guided me and encouraged me throughout the five years of my time there to express who I am and be myself. By 2010, she was more than a teacher, but a mentor and a friend. The experiences and the strengths I gained from being a part of her class helped me find out about what kind of an individual I am. The work I produced in Icon and the conviction I was able to build helped me get accepted into various prestigious universities and institutions such as Wesleyan University, UC Berkeley, Carleton College, and Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. I am always fond of the memories I had in Icon even to this day and will never regret every second I spent there. Thank you Icon Art & Design, for helping me develop my character and find out more about myself through art. -Clemence Dongwoo Kim, Wesleyan University.

Great academy for students who want to dive deeper into design. The faculties are both knowledgeable and reliable which I had the fortunate of getting while I was a student here.  - Daniel Baek, CCS

I attended Icon for a year and half. I had no experience of any kind of art before, and Icon showed me guidance of taking a first step as a designer. I attended Icon to learn how to design, but it actually helped me design the path of becoming a designer. Not only I learned how to make a portfolio and get into school, but I also learned something bigger than that, and I truly appreciate it. - Aiden Park, ACCD