2018 - 2019 Art Contests Results



Gold Medal

Kelly Zheng - Id, Ego, Superego

Silver Medal

Hoyeon Choi - Mystery of Bullying

Kevin Wu - Day and Night

Anna Yang - Unbearable Stress

2019 Blick 5th mIXED mEDIA cONTEST

2019 Blick 5th mIXED mEDIA cONTEST

Gold Medal

Alice Zhang - “With Art I Can Connect to the birds that fly in the sky.”

Lauren Huang - “With art, I can connect our most abstract emotions into tangible visuals at my fingertips.”

Silver Medal 

Ashley Shin - “With art I can connect the real world with fantasy.”

Chenyu Zhang - “With art I can connect to my own feelings because creating art is the way I express myself.”

Claire Ahn - “With art I can connect with other people through the bridge created between reality and ideas, allowing me to showcase my ideas and others to create their own perspective.”

2019 Gold Key Recipients

2019 Gold Key Recipients

Claire Ahn - Illusory

Claire Ahn - Lost in California

Hoyeon Choi - Mystery of Bullying

Hoyeon Choi - Glolien

Hoyeon Choi - Still Life of Valuables

Coco Guo - Barbaric Figures

Coco Guo - Curiosity

Coco Guo - Speechless

Chole Kim - Day and Night

Colin Kim - Atlantis

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Artificial

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Town of Books

Valentina Li - Cozy Dream

Lawrence Wang - On the Hill

Lawrence Wang - Morphology

Serena Wang - Gifted

Kevin Wu - Day and Night

Kevin Wu - Budding Light

Kevin Wu - Magazine Cover Still Life

Kevin Wu - Space Arowana

Junwen Xian - Esacpe

Anna Yang - Unbearable Stress

Anna Yang - Reality And Imagination

Anna Yang - Crawling

Lena Yi - Can You See Me?

Junzhu Zhang - Puzzled Summer of Growth

Kelly Zheng - Id, Ego, Superego

Kelly Zheng - Rebirth

Jalen Zhou - Collapsing beliefs

2019 Sliver Key Recipients

2019 Sliver Key Recipients

Claire Ahn - Remembrance

Claire Ahn - Shallow

Andrea Chang - Entangled

Hoyeon Choi - Myself In and Out

Karen Fan - Salute

Karen Fan - Self Portrait

Coco Guo - Grandma

Cadee Kim - I See Myself

Chloe Kim - Flamingo

Chloe Kim - Mr. Orange

Dustin Kim - A Nuclear Thanksgiving

Valentina Li - On Title

Do Won Suh - Heartless Painter

JiXiang Wang - Legacy

Lawrence Wang - Wave Chasers

Serena Wang - Self Portrait

Kevin Wu - Fish in the City

Kevin Wu - Still Life

Junwen Xian - Self Introduction Speech

Anna Yang - Learning ABC with monsters

Anna Yang - Monsters In Cafe

Anna Yang - Escape From Reality

Chenyu Zhang - yes, it's a normal world

Chenyu Zhang - Life Drawing

Junzhu Zhang - Intermission of the Life Stage

Junzhu Zhang - Sunless Corner

Junzhu Zhang - Blooming Season

Junzhu Zhang - Forbidden City

2019 Honorable Mention Recipients

2019 Honorable Mention Recipients

Hoyeon Choi - Moldy Potato&'s Day

Hoyeon Choi - Lost

Kacy Chung - Laugh

Coco Guo - Colored Figure Study

Aliya Hidirlar - “Eachchild”

Yuyao Huang - Balance Amongst Chaos

Cadee Kim - Fruit Medleys

Cadee Kim - Divine Disorder

Chloe Kim - Sink

Chloe Kim - Good Morning

Jennifer Kim - SAVE ME

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Digital Portrait

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Journey

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Mountain Picnic

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Deserted Factory

Valentina Li - The Corruption of a Child’s Dream #3

Valentina Li - Alter Egos

Gillian Lin - Family Summer Time

Gillian Lin - My World of Food

David Park - Judgement day

David Park - Style

Do Won Suh - Exile

Lawrence Wang - Birth of Stars

Lawrence Wang - Sunset Empire

Lawrence Wang - Thunderclouds

Serena Wang - My Childhood

Junwen Xian - Thinking Thief

Anna Yang - Monsters

Anna Yang - Glasses

Chenyu Zhang - Hesitation

Junzhu Zhang - LA Mood in New Jersey

Junzhu Zhang - Winter in Seattle

Tiffany Zhang - The Search for Beauty

Jalen Zhou - Monitoring

Paris Zhuang - Assents of Val

2018 ocean awareness art contest

2018 ocean awareness art contest

Pearl Award

Jennifer Kim - Rest In Puddles

48th International Children's Art Exhibition Award Winners

48th International Children's Art Exhibition Award Winners

Gold Awards

Jennifer Kim - You Are What You Eat

Jenny Lee (Jaeyeon) - Music Night

Silver Awards

Sabrina Kim - In My Mind

Isabel Han - Cherry

Alex Wang - Cats for Life

Claire Ahn - Artificial

Sung Min Kim - Peaceful

Bronze Awards

Serena Wang - Enjoy Dressing up

Ethan Park - New Beginnings