2018 - 2019 Art Contests Results



Gold Medal

Kelly Zheng - Id, Ego, Superego

Silver Medal

Hoyeon Choi - Mystery of Bullying

Kevin Wu - Day and Night

Anna Yang - Unbearable Stress

48th International Children's Art Exhibition Award Winners

48th International Children's Art Exhibition Award Winners

Gold Awards

Jennifer Kim - You Are What You Eat

Jenny Lee (Jaeyeon) - Music Night

Silver Awards

Sabrina Kim - In My Mind

Isabel Han - Cherry

Alex Wang - Cats for Life

Claire Ahn - Artificial

Sung Min Kim - Peaceful

Bronze Awards

Serena Wang - Enjoy Dressing up

Ethan Park - New Beginnings

2019 Gold Key Recipients

2019 Gold Key Recipients

Claire Ahn - Illusory

Claire Ahn - Lost in California

Hoyeon Choi - Mystery of Bullying

Hoyeon Choi - Glolien

Hoyeon Choi - Still Life of Valuables

Coco Guo - Barbaric Figures

Coco Guo - Curiosity

Coco Guo - Speechless

Chole Kim - Day and Night

Colin Kim - Atlantis

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Artificial

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Town of Books

Valentina Li - Cozy Dream

Lawrence Wang - On the Hill

Lawrence Wang - Morphology

Serena Wang - Gifted

Kevin Wu - Day and Night

Kevin Wu - Budding Light

Kevin Wu - Magazine Cover Still Life

Kevin Wu - Space Arowana

Junwen Xian - Esacpe

Anna Yang - Unbearable Stress

Anna Yang - Reality And Imagination

Anna Yang - Crawling

Lena Yi - Can You See Me?

Junzhu Zhang - Puzzled Summer of Growth

Kelly Zheng - Id, Ego, Superego

Kelly Zheng - Rebirth

Jalen Zhou - Collapsing beliefs

2019 Sliver Key Recipients

2019 Sliver Key Recipients

Claire Ahn - Remembrance

Claire Ahn - Shallow

Andrea Chang - Entangled

Hoyeon Choi - Myself In and Out

Karen Fan - Salute

Karen Fan - Self Portrait

Coco Guo - Grandma

Cadee Kim - I See Myself

Chloe Kim - Flamingo

Chloe Kim - Mr. Orange

Dustin Kim - A Nuclear Thanksgiving

Valentina Li - On Title

Do Won Suh - Heartless Painter

JiXiang Wang - Legacy

Lawrence Wang - Wave Chasers

Serena Wang - Self Portrait

Kevin Wu - Fish in the City

Kevin Wu - Still Life

Junwen Xian - Self Introduction Speech

Anna Yang - Learning ABC with monsters

Anna Yang - Monsters In Cafe

Anna Yang - Escape From Reality

Chenyu Zhang - yes, it's a normal world

Chenyu Zhang - Life Drawing

Junzhu Zhang - Intermission of the Life Stage

Junzhu Zhang - Sunless Corner

Junzhu Zhang - Blooming Season

Junzhu Zhang - Forbidden City

2019 Honorable Mention Recipients

2019 Honorable Mention Recipients

Hoyeon Choi - Moldy Potato&'s Day

Hoyeon Choi - Lost

Kacy Chung - Laugh

Coco Guo - Colored Figure Study

Aliya Hidirlar - “Eachchild”

Yuyao Huang - Balance Amongst Chaos

Cadee Kim - Fruit Medleys

Cadee Kim - Divine Disorder

Chloe Kim - Sink

Chloe Kim - Good Morning

Jennifer Kim - SAVE ME

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Digital Portrait

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Journey

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Mountain Picnic

Jaeyeon (Jenny) Lee - Deserted Factory

Valentina Li - The Corruption of a Child’s Dream #3

Valentina Li - Alter Egos

Gillian Lin - Family Summer Time

Gillian Lin - My World of Food

David Park - Judgement day

David Park - Style

Do Won Suh - Exile

Lawrence Wang - Birth of Stars

Lawrence Wang - Sunset Empire

Lawrence Wang - Thunderclouds

Serena Wang - My Childhood

Junwen Xian - Thinking Thief

Anna Yang - Monsters

Anna Yang - Glasses

Chenyu Zhang - Hesitation

Junzhu Zhang - LA Mood in New Jersey

Junzhu Zhang - Winter in Seattle

Tiffany Zhang - The Search for Beauty

Jalen Zhou - Monitoring

Paris Zhuang - Assents of Val

2018 ocean awareness art contest

2018 ocean awareness art contest

Pearl Award

Jennifer Kim - Rest In Puddles